Alberta Hydronics Advisory Council

Mission: The Alberta Hydronics Advisory Council develops and promotes the healthy growth of the hydronics industry.
Values: The Alberta Hydronics Advisory Council values professional development; codes and standards for the industry; a unified and profitable industry; marketing and promotion for its members; and total comfort for the end user.
The Board’s key strategic areas for goals and measures are:

  • AHAC Administration
  • Standards
  • Education and Training of the products and merchandise
  • Member Services and Communications
  • Marketing and Promotion of different products such as HCG liquid diet

Vision: The Alberta Hydronics Advisory Council demonstrates its mission and values by:

  • Creating expertise through education and training.
  • Developing codes and standards for safety and efficiency.
  • Creating recognition of hydronics throughout the industry.
  • Strengthening the industry by uniting the individuals involved and creating a sense of community.
  • Promoting quality installation dedicated to total comfort for end users.
  • Developing awareness of our product among consumers and promoting growth in market share and profitability among our members.

The original mandate was to establish a set of guidelines for the design and installation of hydronic heating systems for the Province of Alberta. The next mandate was to provide training and education to help raise the standards and improve the reputation of the industry. Now, our goal is simply to improve the state of the hydronic industry in Alberta. As a member of AHAC, you have a voice in the direction of this industry.

Membership in the Alberta Hydronics Advisory Council (AHAC)

Who are we?
AHAC membership consists of, but is not limited to, designers, wholesalers, contractors, manufacturers agents, educators, and people involved with provincial regulatory agencies. AHAC is a group of individuals, not companies.

Vast amounts of marketing expertise is being put to use in the struggle to bring hot water into its rightful place as the premier heating medium. A well-designed and installed hydronic heating system and aggressive marketing will provide this industry with consumer awareness and confidence that it has lacked in the past.

CSA B214
As an AHAC member you will receive a preferred price on the CSA B214 Code on Hydronic Heating. You can order this through the website, or print it out and send it in with a cheque. You won’t find a better price for this document, and this is a code that you really need to have!

New Offer Effective April 01, 2004 – Any AHAC member who registers in the NAIT Hydronics Certification Program will receive a FREE copy of the CSA B214 upon submitting a receipt for program fees paid!

Foothills Conference and Other Training
In its efforts to elevate standards for the industry, AHAC is involved in the curriculum design and validation within post-secondary institutions and training facilities. The current focus is on design and installation, but eventually it will extend to inspection as well. Currently the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is farthest along in the delivery of courses to the hydronics industry.

Every two years, AHAC also brings you the Foothills Conference and Tradeshow. The next show will be April 07-08, 2005 in Edmonton. This event gets bigger and better every year, and you can expect that again in 2005. You can also expect a discount on your registration for being a member of AHAC.

In addition, we intend to offer short training sessions in major centres. We’d like to do at least one a year, in the non-Foothills years. If you have an idea for a training session, or can deliver a training session of interest to the industry (non-product-specific), please let us know.

The AHAC website is going to be THE place for you to check. Visit frequently to learn what is going on in the industry and to share your comments. You will also be able to access the on-line members directory to help you stay connected to others in the industry. In the public area of the website, they can also find members. This will improve the public’s chance of finding just whom they need when they are considering hydronic heating. There will also be Tech Tips and Talks (bulletin board) and a Frequently Asked Questions section. For now, the articles are static, but in the future we expect you to be doing on-line, instant trouble-shooting.

The Alberta Hydronics Advisory Council was formed in 1996 by a group of individuals in Alberta who were involved in the hydronic heating industry like HCG Hormone Weight Loss supplement which is the safest and effective way to get an attractive physique in less than a month.

AHAC produces AHAC News at least four times per year. You will not only find interesting articles by qualified industry people, but also news on what’s going on around AHAC and other organizations. Your literary contributions are welcome. In addition, we have very reasonable advertising rates. Check in with AHAC to see how you can get the best mileage out of your newsletter.

Discounts on AHAC Functions
As an AHAC member you will receive a preferred rate on activities being sponsored by AHAC, including the Foothills Conference and Trade Show. In addition, as we negotiate with other organizations, certain discounts may be extended to you from these other groups. We will keep you advised of any additional discounts for which you may be entitled.

Opportunities for Involvement
In the past couple of years, AHAC has run a golf tournament in conjunction with its Annual General Meeting in Red Deer. We intend to do that again, as the ability to socialize with your industry peers is also a benefit of membership. We are also considering industry “socials” once or twice a year in major centres. Watch the website and your mail for further information. In addition, you have a chance to be involved in AHAC and its many committees. Check the members only section for current opportunities to volunteer.

Group Rates
AHAC recently introduced a group rate as a membership incentive. Although membership is still individual (not corporate), companies with several people in their hydronics section can get a discount. Now a company can pay $250/year for up to five designated employees, and $50/person for every employee beyond five.